The leading theme of re_form is above all the question of the planned transformation of existing cultural-political conditions and cultural systems in Europe, Germany and especially in our city, which is on its way to promote itself as a „Capital of Culture 2025“.

Works of art serve as mediators. Contrary to the times of avant-garde, it seems today that novelty claims in art are often based on rediscoveries. What motivates artists to devote themselves to more examples and how do the homages, references, quotations and appropriations reveal themselves? What perspectives arise in the discussion of the past for the future?

Painters, sculptors, photographers, sound, light, video, installation and performance artists: the aim of the OSTRALE as a market-independent platform is to give young, non-established artists the opportunity to ask themselves, in addition to internationally recognized artists, in all artistic genres the question: can art in its materiality be the bridge between identities that overlap, but not merge?

From May to July 2018 the OSTRALE – Biennale for Contemporary Art will be guest at St James Cavalier und Valletta Contemporary, Malta, at the occasion of the European Capital of Culture 2018.

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